A home’s heating and air conditioning system is essential for keeping homeowners comfortable, safe, and productive. However, many homeowners aren’t using their heating and air in Charleston, SC, efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about how to get the most out of your HVAC system.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a level up from the traditional programmable thermostat. These smart devices learn homeowners’ movements and habits, adjusting the temperature automatically to save the most energy without affecting comfort.

When installing a smart thermostat, make sure it’s installed in an area of the house that isn’t too sunny or too shady. Also, make sure it’s in an area where foot traffic is high. Smart thermostats take about a week to learn homeowners’ habits, so be patient. The pay-off is lower utility bills.

Change the Filter According to the Manufacturer Recommendations

All HVAC systems use filters. Some use disposable filters and others washable, reusable filters. Regular filter changes or cleanings are important to keep dirt, dander, and other particles from clogging the system.

Most filters should be replaced or cleaned every 30 days. Some might require filter changes every 60-90 days. Read the HVAC system’s owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations.

Install an Attic Fan

Attic fans remove heat from the attic and keep homes cooler in the summer. Using an attic fan with one’s HVAC system is a great way to lower energy bills and reduce wear and tear on the system.

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