Few HVAC companies provide quality residential and light commercial services. Smoak’s Comfort Control has been in business in the Charleston area for over 40 years and has extensive experience providing service to both home and business owners. We’ve seen geothermal units in action, so believe us when we say they can provide businesses with real savings.

Here are some of the biggest benefits geothermal provides:

  • Save 65 percent off your HVAC costs. Instead of using fuel to create hot and cold air, a miniscule amount of electricity is simply used to move heat from one location to another. In the process, geothermal heating and cooling offers significant cuts to your energy bill. Businesses relying on oil, electricity, or propane may save even more. The return on your investment can be realized long before your system is due for replacement.
  • Qualify for government and community funding programs. Business owners have access to tax credits and grant money to help pay for the installation of green improvements, like geothermal HVAC systems. You can stretch those programs to cover related investments too, like compatible water heaters and radiant flooring systems.
  • Gain environmental cred. Eco-friendly initiatives are definitely in. They can help attract a new level of clientele or get you recognized by professional associations. Plus, if you ever decide to move your business elsewhere, a geothermal system will improve your property value.

You want the very best for your business, especially when it comes to something as important as your HVAC commercial services. Contact us online or call 843.556.9550 to schedule a geothermal consultation with Smoak’s Comfort Control today.