HVAC maintenance agreements are an easy way for Charleston homeowners to save money all summer long. How? You’ll be surprised at how significant the effects of preventive maintenance can really be.

Check out some of the benefits of professional air conditioner maintenance:

  • Maintenance agreements help your HVAC equipment run more efficiently. During an air conditioning check, a technician will perform basic to advanced preventive care on your system. It’s simple enough to can change a furnace filter, but there are some tasks that are simpler for the professionals. Homeowners often find it more difficult to scrub off condenser coils and unclog drain pan outlets. However, all of these things are necessary to help your system run with the least resistance possible. When all is said and done, your unit will cool your home better, using less energy if you have it tuned up before the start of the season.
  • A qualified technician can use a maintenance visit to check for potential problems. In addition to changing your filter and flushing your drain line, a tech will perform an overall assessment of the health of your HVAC system during a visit. Electrical components will be tested, moving components will be assessed for integrity and we’ll note your system’s performance. You’ll be able to receive plenty of notice if there’s a problem, so you can make any necessary repairs before your unit breaks down. This saves you a tremendous amount, as once parts begin to fail, they can cause extra damage.
  • Take advantage of cost-saving maintenance plan perks. Every company’s plans are a little different. At Smoak’s Comfort Control, we value our loyal clients and share our appreciation through extra benefits for those who enroll in one of our maintenance agreements. Our priority clients receive priority service. We give you access to  emergency repair services at regular rates. You’ll also receive discounts on HVAC and plumbing repairs, and you’ll enjoy lifetime warranties on all of our work.

Take advantage of these benefits, and enroll in one of our professional maintenance agreements today by contacting us online or calling (843) 556-9550.