Businesses need HVAC commercial services when upgrading their air conditioners. Whether you have an office, a warehouse, or a restaurant, you’ll have special climate control needs. Thankfully, there is one type of cooling equipment you can use to save a significant amount of money. A geothermal heat pump will both heat and cool your business using very little energy.

Here are a handful of ways geothermal is a winning option for businesses seeking the best in HVAC commercial services:

  • Geothermal systems create continuous comfort. Instead of a forced air system, a geothermal unit won’t blow cold air to create the perfect temperature in your home. These drafts can be uncomfortable for people situated near vents and can create cold spots throughout your business capable of affecting productivity, performance, and products, if you make or maintain stock. Instead, geothermal systems use heat transference to maintain comfortable temperatures. Our residential and commercial customers love the consistency of geothermal services, and your employees and clients will too.
  • Geothermal will save you serious money. Chances are the majority of your energy bills each month are due to heating and cooling services. It isn’t rare to see a company with locked guards over thermostats either, ensuring that uncomfortable workers aren’t able to change the temperature themselves. Why? Because many companies cut costs by restricting temperature controls to save a few dollars. That isn’t needed with a geothermal system because they typically use 60 percent less energy to operate at comfortable levels. Not only will these take a big bite out of your bills, but the improved satisfaction of your employees will lead to higher productivity and satisfaction on the job.
  • Grants and tax credits may pay the bulk of your installation costs. The United States is on a power-saving kick, so switching up to geothermal can be an incredibly cost-effective improvement. How? Just ask your accountant. Federal tax incentives for installing geothermal, along with other green improvements, can cover up to 30 percent of the cost. State programs, community grants, and other programs can also help cover expenses.

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