Managing the heating and cooling equipment for commercial services can be much different from what you run into as a homeowner. The power, size, location and even function of these units is often vastly different from what we’re used to. It makes sense that their use of life would be different too. Unfortunately, when it comes to business HVAC equipment, how long a system will last largely depends on its purpose.

Here are just a few variables capable of making a big difference in the life span of your commercial heating and cooling equipment:


Given the salty air of some service locations, it’s typical to see units wearing out and needing repair even ten years before their counterparts in other locations. Make sure you work with your HVAC professional to select a system designed to withstand Mother Nature’s quirks.


Depending on the HVAC setup you maintain, your system may be under much more pressure to perform than the heating and cooling equipment next door. You could also lessen this burden through the combination of humidity control devices, quality air filters, and specialty ventilation units.


The number one factor in how long any heating and cooling equipment will last is maintenance. Did you have a qualified technician caring for your HVAC system, or was the job largely ignored? Businesses that invest in reputable commercial maintenance plans often get 15-20 years out of their units.

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