Is your plumbing on the fritz? Picture this: every time you decide to wash a load of laundry, you notice the toilet is bubbling after you run the washer, maybe even leaking some septic fumes into your home. This scenario probably sounds familiar to some of you out there. It’s a common household issue, especially for older homes, and it needs immediate attention to prevent health risks. Plumbing problems are never a happy discovery, but they don’t necessarily mean doomsday is here. Here are a few likely culprits in this toilet/washing machine scenario:


Plumbing lines tend to produce the gurgling symptom when there’s a difference in pressure between appliances. If this is happening when you wash clothes, it’s a sure bet that the washing machine drain is connected to the toilet waste line, and the change in pressure is aggravating an issue in the drains. The washing machine drain might not be installed correctly, which could lead to a back up in the system and overflow from the washer.

Blocked Vents

Vents from the washer are susceptible to blockages because they are located on the roof and exposed to outdoor elements like leaves or animals. If these vents get clogged, it prevents pressure from equalizing. Uneven pressure can impact water drainage in multiple appliances throughout your house.

Septic Solution

If your home relies on a septic tank, the waste lines could be clogged. Draining the septic tank will probably solve the problem. Regardless of the cause, toilet bubbles need to be addressed to prevent overflow and other hygiene issues from escalating.

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