Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair in Charleston, SC

When your toilet stops working, it can mean everything from a slight daily inconvenience to significant flooding and a damaged bathroom floor. The professional plumbers at Smoak’s Comfort Control can help complete your toilet repair services and restore your toilet’s water efficiency safely and non-invasively. Whether your toilet experiences a minor issue like a loose handle or seal, or it keeps running and floods, we can help you restore its performance.

Are you searching for toilet repair services near Charleston, SC? The expert team at Smoak’s Comfort Control is ready to take on your plumbing projects! With generational knowledge and experience, we’re the team to get the job done right! Don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team to book your toilet repair at (843) 556-9550.

Common Signs You Need Toilet Repair

If your toilet is leaky, cracked, or has a broken handle, it’s time to seek toilet repair services. In general, your toilet will last decades before requiring a replacement. Properly maintained toilets can last upwards of 50 years. However, toilets that don’t undergo regular maintenance and minor repairs may need an early toilet replacement after only 20 years.

    Toilet Repair Services Near Charleston, SC

    Our toilet repair services near Charleston, SC, help homeowners address leaky, cracked, and broken handle toilet repair. We can also help you complete general toilet repair services like fixing seals, toilet floats, valves, and flappers.

      Leaky Toilet Repair

      Toilet leaks can happen for multiple reasons. Leaky toilet repair services will help you replace valves and plumbing pipes that were improperly installed and are causing leaks. Our trained plumbers can also help you replace your toilet’s wax ring or faulty seals that cause leaks.

      Cracked Toilet Repair

      Porcelain is a sensitive material that is prone to cracks from mishandling it. From time to time, your toilet may also experience a crack or two. Cracked toilets are typically a result of at-home repairs, so your toilet’s sensitive material should always be repaired by professionals.

      Broken Handle Toilet Repair

      Over time, your toilet’s components, like its handle, are also prone to wearing out from consistent use and failing to work. Our technicians can help you remove your current faulty toilet handle and replace it with a unit that flushes properly and doesn’t keep your toilet running.

      Smoak’s Comfort Control Offers Reliable Toilet Repair Services Near Charleston, SC

      Smoak’s Comfort Control has been serving the Charleston community since 1972, providing trusted plumbing and HVAC services. As a family-owned and operated company passed down from a father to his sons, our services put family safety and professional service first. Our plumbing projects will transform your home’s functionality and reduce flood risks.

      Are you looking for trusted toilet repair services near Charleston, SC? Smoak’s Comfort Control is a full-service home improvement company offering top-notch plumbing, heating, and cooling services. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team today to book your plumbing toilet repair services at (843) 556-9550.