Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair in Charleston, SC

Garbage disposals are an asset in today’s homes, so repairs may be needed when they aren’t working right. There are numerous reasons why garbage disposals stop working. The key to remember is to turn it off immediately if it starts making odd smells or sounds. Then, leave it off until a professional can perform garbage disposal repair. Doing so will help keep everyone safe and prevent further damage to the garbage disposal before repairs. Plumbers from Smoak’s Comfort Control can offer garbage disposal repair services so you can get your kitchen back in order.

Reasons to Seek Garbage Disposal Repair

Residents who notice anything unusual about their garbage disposal should stop using it until it’s repaired. Removing it can be dangerous. If it is making a grinding noise, there may be something caught in the blades that shouldn’t have entered the garbage disposal. If there are clogs or the blades appear damaged, they may need replacing. The blades should be sharp to cut up the food quickly, but that does make them dangerous to handle. Garbage disposals can also leak underneath the sink, which could end up dangerous because of the electrical connections. Any of these or other signs of issues will require professional assistance to repair.

Always Call the Pros for Repairs

Garbage disposals accidentally turned on in the middle of repairs can cause severe and sometimes permanent injuries. The garbage disposal must be turned off and unplugged before you get it repaired. However, even with it turned off, the blades are still sharp. We recommend that homeowners let a professional plumber handle any repairs. Our team knows how to stay safe while getting the job done, and we’ll ensure the garbage disposal is completely repaired and ready for use.

Preventing Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal issues can be prevented in many cases. Knowing what food can and can’t be placed in the sink is essential to prevent clogs or dulled blades. Avoid using garbage disposals for tough food waste like bones, oils, grease or foods with starch like potatoes. Also, avoid letting any non-food items go into the garbage disposal. Damage from silverware getting into the garbage disposal is common. If you notice any issues, always call for professional garbage disposal repair services as soon as possible. The professional can provide recommendations to help prevent future services after they’ve repaired the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are used daily in most households, so it’s no surprise they can break down occasionally. When making any odd noises or smells, turn off the garbage disposal immediately to prevent further damage and get help from the team of Smoak’s Comfort Control professionals. We’ll work with you to figure out what happened, what needs repairs, and how to keep it from happening again, so you can continue to rely on the garbage disposal.

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