After installing a new heat pump, air conditioner or HVAC system, most homeowners neglect the importance of maintenance agreements, considering them an unnecessary expense. When they finally realize that their energy costs have grown, and they finally call in their service providers, various parts require repairs and replacements, and the costs get even higher.

Several studies showed that without proper maintenance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices end up consuming 10 to 25% more energy that when they are kept functioning at optimum parameters. That’s expensive! Why does this happen? Depending on the type of device, anything from a pipe leak, some clogged air filters or ducts, a thermostat problem or a refrigerant leak could impact the proper functioning of the device. To provide the same results, the device will run for a longer time or at a higher power, thus consuming more energy.

Through preventative maintenance, small problems are detected and solved before they escalate, and new problems are prevented. The systems perform better for a longer period and consume less energy.

What Do Maintenance Agreements Cover?

The terms may differ from one agreement or service provider to another, but they generally cover the following:

  • Inspecting the various parts of the system for dirt and mold accumulations and obstructions and cleaning them when necessary
  • Diagnosing and sealing duct leakages
  • Verifying airflow
  • Testing refrigerant charge
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks
  • Checking electric terminals, tightening and cleaning connections and improving insulation if needed
  • Lubricating motors and inspecting belts for wear and tightness
  • Verifying electronic controls to make sure the heating is turned off when the cooling begins and vice versa
  • Making sure the thermostat operates correctly

How Much Do Maintenance Agreements Cost?

The price is influenced by several factors, like the type of device, warranty, installation, service provider, location, service frequency, etc. The best way to keep it low is to find a reliable service provider before even buying the equipment and have them perform the installation, maintenance and any repairs necessary. You should be able to get a great package deal and thus save a lot of money, enjoy more comfort and leave worries behind.

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