Air conditioning contractors tend to be busy in South Carolina from May through September. Temperatures tend to rise into the high 90s during the summer months and usually don’t dip below the 70s at night. Our summers are muggy and humid. When the system quits working on a warm, humid day, household residents call an AC company in Charleston for repair service.

Older Equipment Breakdowns

Several problems can cause the need for repair services, especially in older systems that have experienced high demand over the years. Routine annual maintenance can prevent most malfunctions, but an old central air conditioner may still malfunction during the warmest weather months. Unfortunately, this tends to happen on hot days when the equipment is running most of the time. It works harder to keep the property’s interior at the thermostat setting.

Waiting Until Regular Business Hours 

Sometimes the residents are willing to wait until the next business day to contact an AC company in Charleston. If the weather isn’t too uncomfortable, waiting could be worth it. Fans might be enough to keep everyone comfortable in the meantime.

When Repair Service Can’t Wait

In other cases, a malfunctioning central air conditioner feels like an emergency. A prime example is when a person has a medical condition that excessive heat makes worse. The same goes for individuals who are elderly or have young children in the home. For example, multiple sclerosis patients, typically don’t want to wait an entire weekend for air conditioning service when temperatures hover around 90 degrees.

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