Get the Best Charleston Heating and Air Service

Any Lowcountry resident looking to move within the area (or move to the area) knows there are a few essentials to enjoying life in coastal South Carolina. First, you’ve got to find a place with great windows to enjoy the scenic views and observe the wildlife that flourishes in the area. Second, you want to find out where the closest beach is to take in the radiant summer sun. Third, you’ll want to learn where to find the best local seafood (and lots of it). And fourth, you’ve got to make sure you have heating and air conditioning systems that work well all year—and know the right person to call when you have a problem.

At times, the South Carolina heat can be oppressive with temperatures well into the 90s—and beyond. Your home is your refuge from the summer sun, and Smoak’s Comfort Control Heating, AC, and Plumbing of Charleston is on call for you. Smoak’s offers more than forty years of family-owned, community-invested experience in repairs, preventive maintenance, and installation. When you notice an issue, we are committed to fixing it right the first time, as quickly as possible.

From our emergency service call line to flexible technician schedules, we make every effort to lower the stress levels—and stop the sweating or shivering—that broken air conditioning or heating units can cause. Our expert AC repair in Charleston can service almost any technical issue in all brands of heating and cooling units.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

What’s more, we offer regular inspection and maintenance services to avoid an ill-timed hiccup from your air conditioning unit. What does a Smoak inspection entail? We perform a comprehensive, twenty-one point inspection of your unit to make sure all critical components are ready for the upcoming summer.

Contact us in the spring before the heat starts to build, and we will perform the inspection for thirty percent less than in our peak summer months. Just as you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, take a moment to call us. We’ll help you sleep soundly (and comfortably) knowing you won’t wake up to a sweltering house, or see the thermostat rising just as your dinner guests begin to arrive.

How do you know if your air conditioner may have a problem? Check your registers to see if air flow has decreased. Does the air have a moldy odor? Is your air conditioner cycling on and off more frequently than normal? Has ice built up along the pipes of your home or on the unit itself? Has your air conditioner’s outdoor fan stopped coming on? All of these signs suggest your unit may need an air conditioning repair.

When Cold Air Becomes a Different Issue

Providing Charleston heating and air conditioning services is unique because of the range of temperatures experienced in the Lowcountry. While in warm September weeks the summer seems endless, we all know that fall and winter are on their way. Our Lowcountry climate puts us at risk for occasional ice storms or even snowfall that can tax heating systems beyond their typical capacities.

And while a broken air conditioning unit is a sure way to spoil a summer get-together, a broken heating unit can be equally unfortunate. Few modern homes have more than one fireplace to provide an emergency solution. A frigid night can cause everyone to lose sleep and ruin a family holiday. Our inspection and maintenance services are a great way to stay ahead of these surprises, and our rapid response is the quickest and surest way to manage the unpreventable.

What Makes Smoak’s Charleston Heating and Air Different

Did you just realize you made a mistake by hiring a no-name repair company? Are you certain that your repair quotation couldn’t possibly be right? Let us come to your home and give you a free, no-pressure second opinion. We will review your existing quote and perform our own diagnostic inspection. You’ll get a first-hand opportunity to see why we’ve been successful for so many years, and you’ll also gain confidence for your upcoming repair—regardless of whom you choose to complete it.

Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Smoak’s has been recognized by an array of community reviewers, including a Super Service Award from Angie’s List for four consecutive years (2010–13), as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an array of technical certifications. Our combination of friendly, personal service and reliable, competent technicians is the perfect fit to inspect, maintain, and repair all the air systems in your home.

More Than Just Repairs

And what about when your system is beyond repair? We’ve all had a heating or cooling system that we’ve nursed for years, squeezing every ounce of life out of it. However, replacement is an eventual necessity, and we also provide installations of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, thermostats, humidifiers, air filters—everything you need to make your home air feel comfortable. Because we work with these products day-in and day-out, we’re the perfect choice for installation.

No one wants to spend money on home maintenance and repair, but crossing your fingers or ignoring obvious symptoms is not a solution. Our preventive inspections can save you money by avoiding costly repairs and keeping your unit running at maximum efficiency—a great way to take some of the sting out of heating and cooling costs during the coldest and warmest months.

When you do need HVAC repairs, choose a company that has been committed to Charleston for decades and understands your needs for quick, affordable, and reliable service. It has been the Smoak standard since 1972. Call us today for more information!