It’s hard for homeowners to diagnose their own plumbing problems. Even those with DIY experience likely don’t have the day in, day out expertise of a professional, meaning they can miss obvious signs of a big problem. Smoak’s Comfort Control is here to help.

Here are a few warning signs your sewer line may need replacing:

​Your property stinks.

Cracked or broken sewer lines leak runoff into the ground. Noxious smells accompany the waste, and they’re often the first sign of a big problem. If you notice sewer-like smells in your home, basement, or in your yard—particularly near the street where your system meets up with the city’s sewer line—you should call a plumber immediately. If caught early, a professional may be able to patch a line with inserts. Once a break is severe, you’re likely facing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Sewage is backing up.

If your toilets or the main drain in your home is backing up, there’s no time to waste. Not only is this a disgusting and overwhelming mess, but it poses serious health risks. Backups can be caused by blockages in your sewer line, including a common culprit– invasive tree roots capable of getting in through microscopic cracks.

The toilets gurgle when flushed.

The difference between being an experienced Do-It-Yourselfer and an experienced pro is the ability to recognize a problem when you hear one. Gurgling when you flush a toilet can signify low pressure in your pipes, which is often caused by holes or cracks.

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