You’d be surprised at the number of homeowners who decide against a dishwasher simply to avoid the cost of plumbing. They don’t realize how affordable it can really be. Unfortunately, most DIYers are right to wait for a professional to handle the job. While it only takes a little work, the plumbing for a dishwasher can get tricky. The following are special considerations to keep in mind when installing a new dishwasher:

  • If you’re replacing an older dishwasher, you still need to change out the water lines. Models of dishwasher are so unique; you often don’t have the option of using the same water connections between them. Besides, depending on the reason your dishwasher went out, your plumbing features may not be capable of performing correctly.
  • New dishwasher models provide new ways of saving on energy. Today’s dishwashers have powerful heaters, and they use less energy than your water heater. When installing a new unit, you may want to hook up your appliance to a cold water line instead of a hot water line you may have used in the past.
  • Copper piping is easier to use than ever. Traditionally, stainless steel with a rubber insert was used for drain lines. It was simply too difficult to use copper without running the risk of damaging a pipe during installation. Today, spring-like attachments prevent copper tubing from pinching off at the intricate bend points required for dishwasher installation. These pipes last up to 80 years or longer, so you won’t have to worry about your drain wearing out and damaging your kitchen floor.

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