If you want your heating and cooling equipment to last as long as possible, it’s time for you to check out the maintenance agreements in your area. These plans allow for affordable, timely system inspections and seasonal prep. They save you money, but they legitimately stretch out the life of your units in a few different ways.

Look at how maintenance plans keep your system going year after year:

They catch problems early on.

Quality shops employ quality technicians who understand HVAC issues like nobody else. You may be a talented DIY home improver, but chances are you don’t have the same keen eye of heating and cooling professional. They notice wear in the earliest stages when repairs are cheap and simple.

They reduce system strain.

During seasonal preparations, every screw and bolt is tightened. Every joint is greased. Dirt and build up is removed, and necessary adjustments are made to allow your system to run smoother.

They allow you to have problems fixed right away.

Call us today to schedule repairs. If you’re a Smoak’s Comfort Control club member, you’ll get a 15% discount off any repairs.

Want to keep your heating and cooling equipment in good working order? Learn more about enrolling in our premier maintenance agreement known as the Comfort Control Plan! We ensure faster visits, expert service, and lower repair and replacement costs. Visit us online or call 843-556-9550 to become a member today.