Issues with a garbage disposal are some of the most common plumbing problems home and business owners face. When most people think about plumbing, they don’t consider the garbage disposal, but they should. It’s all connected, and expert plumbers know the best way to keep your disposal working optimally. The following are five easy to implement tips to keep your garbage disposal running in tip top shape:

Tip #1: Use a Little Soap

Your garbage disposal needs a little cleaning now and then. Pour a few drops of dish detergent into your garbage disposal and run it for 15 seconds or so. This can help remove some of the built up grease and reduce any bad odors coming from the garbage disposal.

Tip #2: Run Your Disposal Regularly

Running your garbage disposal regularly is important. This keeps things moving and thus avoids the locking up of moving parts, especially from corrosion or food build up.

Tip #3: Use Cold Water

When using the garbage disposal, use cold water. This is because hot water will melt grease and fats, which turns them into liquid. But once the grease and fat cool off, such as when they hit the cold garbage disposal or cold pipes following the garbage disposal, they can solidify, creating clogs.

Tip #4: Only Put Food down the Garbage Disposal

It might be tempting to put non-food items down the disposal, but don’t do it. Send down only soft materials, such as food – and don’t include anything fibrous, like celery.

Tip #5: When Done Using the Garbage Disposal, Keep the Water Running

After the garbage disposal has done its thing, turn it off first, then let the cold water continue running for 10-20 seconds longer. This allows the water to flush out the bits of food from the disposal and send them on their way into the pipes. For more information about proper garbage disposal usage and general plumbing advice, contact the experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control.