Maintenance agreements are the easiest way for home and business owners to ensure their expensive and complex HVAC systems receive routine maintenance. This maintenance is critical to ensure long life and efficient operation. One of the areas of the HVAC system that gets a look over during a routine maintenance visit is the furnace.

The following is a list of few benefits of inspecting your furnace during a maintenance visit:​

1. A Brand Spanking New Air Filter

Most business and homeowners forget to check the air filter and replace it if it’s dirty. During a routine maintenance visit, the HVAC technician will look at the air filter and replace it if it can no longer do its job. If furnace’s air filter stays dirty, it will drastically reduce the efficiency of the furnace and fail to maintain clean indoor air.

2. A Clean Bill of Health for Your System Components

During a furnace inspection, the HVAC technician will examine the major components, such as the burners, coils, air handler, wiring and fuses. Even if everything seems to work properly, there could still be a problem that will result in an unpleasant and unexpected furnace shutdown when it’s very cold outside.

3. Ductwork that Works

In addition to inspecting the furnace, the technician will look at the ductwork. A perfectly running furnace means little if the warm air it produces can’t get to the rooms of the home or office. One common problem is ductwork that leaks warm air to cold parts of the building, such as the attic, basement or walls. During the furnace’s physical, the technician will look for any signs of leaking ductwork and let the home or business owner know of any findings.

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