If your gas line isn’t working as it should, some plumbing services may be in your future. Unlike typical plumbing work that simply deals with water and sewage, working with gas lines is much more serious. It’s also potentially dangerous, given the flammability of gas. When a gas line starts to break down, it could release dangerous amounts of gas that could lead to an explosion. Here are two signs that a gas line may be deteriorating:

Sign #1: You Can Smell Gas

Gas, such as propane and natural gas, do not have a smell that most humans can detect. Therefore, gas companies add a chemical to the gas so that when a human inhales it, they notice an unpleasant smell, which many describe as smelling like rotten eggs. If you have natural gas or propane in your home or office and smell gas, you must immediately vacate the premises and contact your utility company or plumber.

Sign #2: Your Gas Bill is Higher Than Normal

If a gas line is deteriorating, it probably leaks gas. This means a significant amount of gas never reaches its intended destination. If the leaking gas enters the building, this is a serious and dangerous problem. If it leaks to the outside, it can still be a problem because of all the gas that goes to waste.

Either way, you are still paying for the gas. You can sometimes detect something is up by looking at your gas bill; if it is higher than normal and there isn’t a good reason to explain it, such as a cold snap, then you could have a gas leak somewhere.

To get more information about plumbing work on gas lines, contact our pros at Smoak’s Comfort Control as soon as you can, especially if you’re worried about gas leaks.