Even the best performing and most energy efficient HVAC systems mean little if there is poor indoor air quality. Below are three tips on how to improve the indoor air quality of your home:

1. Replace the HVAC Air Filter

Replacing the HVAC air filter is probably the quickest and easiest way to improve the indoor air quality of a home. Most air filters are cheap and replacing them usually takes only a few minutes for most systems. However, replacing an old and dirty air filter with a new one can provide much more efficient HVAC operation as well as more effective removal of airborne contaminants like hair, pet dander, dust and pollen.

2. Keep Indoor Plants

There are many different types of indoor plants that improve the indoor air quality by removing airborne chemicals. Some of these plants include the garden mum, Boston fern and spider plant. And these plants, along with basically any other indoor plant, will convert the carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale into pure and refreshing oxygen, which anyone can appreciate.

3. Utilize Windows

Depending on the individuals inside the home, time of year and the amount of chemicals in the indoor air, opening or closing windows can help clean the air. If the home is going through renovations, such as painting, there’s a good chance nasty chemicals will float into the air and into people’s lungs. When this happens, opening windows to circulate dirty indoor air outside is a great way to improve indoor air quality. But this may not be the best idea during pollen season if there are pollen suffers inside the house. A good heating and air conditioning system can help the inhabitants of a home have clean indoor air. To learn more ways to have the healthiest indoor air, contact our expert team at Smoak’s Comfort Control today.