If you’re having trouble sleeping, the fix might have something to do with your heating and air conditioning system. Here are three simple things a homeowner can do to sleep better each night:

Tweak #1: Turn Down the Thermostat

When most people fall asleep, their body temperature drops slightly. Therefore, to fall asleep easier, it sometimes helps to make the bedroom a little bit cooler. Another added benefit of sleeping in a cooler room is that it requires the use of additional blankets. Many people find it comforting to have heavy blankets placed on top of them as they fall asleep. But if the bedroom is too warm, the person trying to sleep will feel too hot with the use of added blankets.

Tweak #2: Run Only the Fan

A lot of people enjoy hearing white noise, especially when falling to sleep. Many find this constant white noise soothing. To take advantage of white noise, individuals can do one of two things.

First, they can run their HVAC system all the time. Even if the HVAC unit isn’t heating or cooling the air, it can still run the fan and circulate air inside the house. This will produce a very quiet white noise that can help some people fall asleep.

Second, they can run a fan in their bedroom. This produces a much louder white noise and a more pronounced cooling effect. This is probably the better option for those who need louder white noise or want to feel cooler as they fall asleep.

Tweak #3: Clean the Air Filters

The HVAC’s air filters remove floating contaminants from the air. The dirtier the air, the more particles will float into someone’s nose, mouth and lungs as they sleep. As you might expect, this can often disrupt their rest. So, to have the best sleep possible, you should have the cleanest indoor air possible. And to do this, you need to clean or replace your air filters periodically.

Modifying how you use your heating and air conditioning system can make it easier to fall asleep. To discover more ways to improve your sleep with your HVAC system, contact our team Smoak’s Comfort Control today.