How do you keep cool and keep your heating and air conditioning costs in check if you have a sunroom?​

Most people only call a heating and air conditioning service when they have an emergency. This short-sighted habit costs you a chunk of change every year. By preparing for weather before it hits, you can stay comfortable for less.

If you have a sunroom, there’s no reason to wait for an emergency to get it ready for those sweet summer nights. Check out these three handy tips for keeping your sunroom cool without blowing your budget:

1. Insulation

There are a few different ways you can insulate a sunroom. Adding blown or batt insulation to the walls, floor and ceiling are obvious. Talk to your HVAC service about insulated glazing you can add to the windows of your seasonal space. This is especially helpful in keeping your sunroom cool during the warmest months of the year.

2. Humidity control

Summers in South Carolina are sweltering. The extra humidity in the air makes things worse. Why? Moisture isn’t wicked away from human skin as easily. Humidity interferes with human’s natural method of lowering body temperature — sweat! Adding a dehumidifier to a sunroom has a surprising impact on comfort.

3. Crosswinds

Venting air from one side of the sunroom to the other helps circulate the air, encouraging warmer air to move out of the space. The installation of a ceiling fan also helps prevent a buildup of heat.

Your home’s sunroom should be a source of rest and relaxation this summer, not a sweltering hub of humidity. Connect with our team of friendly experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control online or call us at 843-556-9550 to ensure your sunroom is ready for the summer months.