Proper plumbing inspections help keep your guests safe.

Faulty plumbing does more than put your property at risk. All you have to do is ask the families of Kevin and Amy Sharp, or their young children Sterling and Adriana. The foursome died while on vacation last month in Mexico. The cause? A gas leak in their condo’s water heater.

Authorities stated poor maintenance might have played a part in their death. This kind of accident can happen anywhere. It could happen in your properties if you ignore maintenance. Avoiding disaster like this is just one of three reasons to get a plumbing inspection before peak season kicks in.

​Here are three reasons to get your rental’s plumbing checked before visitors start piling in:

1. Safety

Whether natural gas or carbon monoxide, gases associated with water heaters can take lives. They aren’t the only risk. Scalding water is also a danger. Deaths and injuries pose a big risk to your financial and emotional fitness.

2. Reputation

Today’s travelers expect some creature comforts to be on point. Poor water pressure, cold water, and dripping faucets are enough to bury your Yelp rating fast. Be sure your equipment is working to guest expectations before you hand over the keys to your rental.

3. The bottom line

Leaks that go unchecked will do serious damage to your property. If mold sets in, it might take a season just to get it back in rentable condition. Leaks also run up your costs. Just one running toilet can boost your bill by hundreds a month. It’s always best to ensure you’re inspecting your property regularly and responding to guest feedback promptly.

Plumbing problems are no joke, so do your best to prevent them with help from our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control. Schedule an inspection today and keep your guests and your property safe.