There are several tricks you can use to help your heating and air conditioning system keep you cool this summer.

Your heating and air conditioning unit will be your primary way to stay cool inside your home. However, having your HVAC system chill your air isn’t the only way to stay comfortable during the warm season. Another thing to take into account is keeping your home’s indoor humidity levels at proper levels. If the humidity levels rise too high, you risk feeling warm and even uncomfortable.

Let’s look at three ways to manage your indoor humidity levels:

#1: Use a Dehumidifier

In most situations, a dehumidifier is the simplest and most effective way to keep the humidity levels down inside. A dehumidifier works by blowing the humid air over cold coils. When the moist air hits the cold surface, the water condenses and collects in the dehumidifier’s water storage container. You can then pour this water outside by hand or install special piping to allow the water to drain automatically through your plumbing system. A dehumidifier collects water the same way your cold drink does. When your drink “sweats” it’s actually collecting the moisture from the ambient air.

#2: Take Shorter Showers

The shower is a major source of indoor air moisture. Even in the summer season, most of us still take warm showers. This warm water evaporates quickly (even faster if it’s water from a hot shower) and has nowhere to go but inside your bathroom and eventually throughout the rest of your home.

#3: Use an Exhaust Fan

Another way to lower indoor humidity is to flush out the humid air. You can do this by installing an exhaust fan. These work well at controlling humidity when installed in a kitchen or bathroom. So, the next time you boil some water to make spaghetti or take a steamy shower, turn on the exhaust fan to remove much of that humid air from your kitchen or bathroom.

Most heating and air conditioning systems will be able to remove some of the moisture from your indoor air. If your humidity levels are still too high, call our friendly experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control at 843-556-9550.