If you’re not careful, plumbing expenses could soak up the budget for your bathroom remodel.
​Plumbing mistakes often cost a significant amount of money to fix. Safeguard your bathroom remodeling budget by hiring a professional plumber to get the job done right the first time. That isn’t to say the average homeowner can’t handle some DIY plumbing projects, but it’s important to take the safest approach possible.

If you want to give it a go before you call the pros, tackle plumbing issues with these simple steps:

1. Block All Drains

Did you know fixing a sink is a relatively simple job compared to digging screws out of your plumbing line? Replacing a toilet flapper is faster and easier than unclogging a toilet too. Unfortunately, too often, amateur plumbers forget the most basic preventive steps and create more headache and expense. If you are working on any plumbing project, take a moment to block any drains first.

2. Wrap Your Tools

Handle your faucets with care, even if they’re not high-end hardware. Those budget bin products are more susceptible to rust, so it’s essential to keep their coating intact. Take time to wrap your wrenches and other tools in electrical or plumber’s tape before you get to work to protect hardware finish.

3. Make Sure a Qualified Plumber Will Be Available

The middle of the night on the weekend is probably not the best time to fix the shower. Depend on Smoak’s Comfort Control for emergency plumbing repair services if things take a turn for the worse. We’re not going to judge you for trying to do work on your own, and if the worst happens, you’ll want to have an expert you trust to complete the repairs as quickly as possible.

Schedule plumbing work today to keep your bathroom remodel on-track — and on budget! Our team of experts at Smoak’s is ready to help you.