Learn how maintenance agreements keep older homes in tip-top shape.  

Have you compared the HVAC maintenance agreements in your local area to determine the best one to meet the unique needs of your older home? Preventive upkeep is essential to keeping your house comfortable and energy costs under control. Some plans are better suited to new construction or commercial properties, so take your time in the selection process to ask the right questions and ensure you’re making the best investment possible.

Here are three tips to ensure your older home’s HVAC gets the care and attention it needs:

Tip #1: Schedule a Safety Inspection

Older homes sometimes have tricky ductwork placement and ventilation concerns. When you choose the right maintenance agreement, your home will benefit from an initial safety inspection to ensure all components of your system are operating safely. Technicians will go through a checklist of tasks to ensure your older home’s HVAC is doing what it’s supposed to do. Then, he or she will provide expert tune-ups and make suggestions for repairs if necessary.

Tip #2: Optimize Filter Changes

While many homeowners use budget HVAC filters, spending even a few extra dollars to upgrade your filter will immediately improve the indoor air quality. The higher the quality of filter, the fewer particles and contaminants will be circulating through your HVAC and home. During your regular visit through your maintenance plan, ask the technician about how you can make the most of your heating and cooling and cut energy costs with better air filter choices.

Tip #3: Perform Repairs as Quickly as Possible

For older homes, staying on top of HVAC repairs is even more important. By catching small issues early through a regular maintenance agreement visit, you can often avoid costlier repairs and premature replacement. When you choose the Premier Maintenance Agreement from Smoak’s Comfort Control, you will receive priority service, 24-hour emergency service and special savings. You’ll also receive 15 percent off parts and labor and a lifetime warranty on all repairs. At Smoak’s, we make it easy to detect and fix repairs right away.  

Enroll in one of Charleston’s leading maintenance agreements for older properties by contacting our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control today.