Except for a couple cold snaps, it’s been a mild winter so far. We bet your A/C has been on more than the heat. It might sound funny to have an air conditioning repair in Mt Pleasant, SC, repair your HVAC unit in winter, but some things might need fixing. What things?


Air conditioners use refrigerant, sometimes called Freon, to cool the heated air passing through it. The refrigerant could be running low, or a leak could be the problem when the indoor air isn’t the temperature you’d like. A professional is required to look into this problem.


Condensation is a normal part of air conditioning. The liquid runs out a drainage line or into a drip pan. If there’s a clog in the line or the drip pan overruns, then a professional who performs air conditioning repairs in Mt Pleasant, SC, can unclog the line or empty the drip pan.

The A/C is Frozen

This can be caused by running the A/C at a too low temperature, the refrigerant is low, the filters are dirty, or the return is blocked. Your A/C professional will turn off the system, hunt down the source of the problem, and fix it.

Compressor Broken

The compressor directs heat out of the house so that cool air can be returned. If the fan is broken, the unit could overheat. The system will shut down to prevent further damage or fire. Smoak’s Comfort Control is available for repairing any A/C problems you might have when you contact us at https://www.smoakscomfort.com.