You can temporarily fix a leaky pipe whenever your plumbing in Mount Pleasant needs maintenance or repair. To get started, you may need to buy a few supplies from a local hardware store.

Pipe Clamps

A pipe clamp can stop a leak until a plumber arrives. You can put a clamp on any broken pipe confidently. Pipe clamps are oftentimes used on submarines, so they can handle consistent pressure from a residential water line.

Pipe Wraps

With a pipe wrap, you can patch a leak anywhere on a pipe. A wrap is very flexible when it’s taken out of its packaging. It will harden around the most vulnerable part of a pipe when it sets.

Epoxy Compounds

An epoxy compound is great for a leaky cast iron pipe. It can stop a leak from a very old pipe that’s beyond repair.


Repair sleeves are made for leaks that flow from small cracks on a pipe. If you use a sleeve, you must contact a plumber immediately because the seal will weaken over time.

Pipe Connectors

Pipe connectors will help you stop leaks in specific locations. They can patch a pipe that’s connected to a toilet, and they can fix a line that runs to a washer as well. You could also use pipe connectors to temporary patch leaks from a drainage line.

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