As a homeowner there are minor problems with your plumbing system that you can probably fix without professional help. For instance, a clogged pipe can usually be cleared with a little elbow grease and just a few minutes of your time. For more serious problems, such as those mentioned below, you should call James Island plumbers for help.

There is No Water

If you turn on the faucets in your home only to find that you get nothing better than a drip, there could be any number of plumbing problems. In rare cases, the issue of no water may result from infrastructure problems that the city is facing. However, the problem may be a backup on your own property, which could lead to costly damages if you don’t get the issue repaired quickly.

There is No Hot Water

If you have a problem getting hot water, try to reignite the pilot light on your water heater. If the pilot light won’t stay lit or there seems to be another problem with your water heater, call a plumber. You may only need to have the unit repaired, or you can discuss your options for getting a new water heater with your plumber.

You Have Reduced Water Pressure

If you experience a reduction in the water pressure in your home, you should call a James Island plumber immediately. Low pressure from one faucet can indicate a clogged faucet aerator. However, consistently low water pressure throughout your home may indicate a leak or a cracked pipe somewhere in your plumbing system.

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