Even with routine maintenance, the day will come when your home comfort system needs some type of air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC. Being aware that something is off will help you know when to call a professional for assistance. Here are three common signs that indicate now is the time to make that call.

If the system seems to be running more than usual, that could mean you need an AC repair. That’s especially true if the weather is not any different from what it normally is during this time of year. The problem could be something as minor such as replacing a worn part or making some repairs and adjustments. If so, a professional HVAC technician can get your unit back running to normal in no time.

Another sign that something is up has to do with unusual noises. Whether they occur while the unit is running or as it cuts on or off, now is the time to call. Without a repair, those noises will only become more frequent, more annoying, and could be more expensive to repair.

Lastly, you may need an air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC, if the cost of running the unit is up a lot. With no changes in rates, there’s some other explanation for the increase in the power bill. The likely culprit is the HVAC system. One repair call may be all it takes to lower the energy consumption and save a lot of money.

If anything seems unusual about the system or its performance, now is the time to call a professional. In the long run, you stand to gain a lot in terms of comfort, convenience, and money.

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