No one wants to wake up to a flooded bathroom or a foul-smelling drain. Luckily, major plumbing issues don’t have to happen. Not when people follow these easy steps for keeping their plumbing in Charleston, SC, in great condition.

The Toilet is Not a Trash Can

Not everything is flushable. In fact, only toilet paper should be flushed. Even those flushable wipes and feminine hygiene products are huge no-nos for plumbing systems. Unlike toilet paper, which is designed to dissolve quickly in water, other paper products aren’t. They take a longer time to breakdown and are more likely to collect waste, which causes blockages. And never flush kitty litter.

Quit Using Store-Bought Drain Cleaning Solutions

Everyone wants to get rid of clogs quickly. Drain cleaning solutions seem like the best way to do this, but not exactly. The more one uses chemical cleaners in their toilets and sinks, the more likely it is for serious damage to occur inside the pipes. The chemicals can eat away at the pipe’s interior and cause pinhole leaks. Instead of using chemical cleaners, use a natural vinegar and baking solution or call a plumber for professional drain cleaning services.

Invest in Annual Drain Cleaning Services

The #1 way to ensure water keeps moving in the right direction is to have clean pipes. The only way to do this effectively is to hire professionals for drain cleaning services.

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