While every household gets a clogged drain now and again, plumbers in Summerville, SC, want residents to know that most major plumbing problems are avoidable. Everyone has heard horror stories about tree roots in sewers and expensive whole-house repiping. Fortunately, those problems don’t happen often. Here are some ways to steer clear of major plumbing problems.

Stop Using Drain Cleaning Products

Most people don’t think twice about using chemical drain cleaners to clear a clog. While these products might be safe to use, they can wreak havoc on pipes. Used frequently, chemical cleaners cause corrosion and pinhole leaks that can cause water damage. For recurring clogs, it’s best to call for professional drain cleaning services.

Plan Landscaping Carefully

Homeowners planning on planting trees, shrubs, or other vegetation should know the location of their homes’ sewer pipes. Call utility locating services to get this information. Once the location of these pipes is known, make sure to plant all trees and shrubs at least 10-feet from the pipes. Planting too close to a sewer pipe or water line can cause roots to penetrate the pipes or grow over them. Careful planting prevents expensive sewer repairs.

Schedule Yearly Drain Cleaning Services

Professional drain cleaning services keep pipes in like-new condition and result in fewer backups. Scheduling drain cleaning once a year is a great way to prevent damage caused by blocked pipes and overflowing drains.

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