People turn to Charleston heating and air companies such as Smoak’s Comfort Control when they have heating or air conditioning problem. They respond quickly and get their customers’ HVAC systems up and running again fast. However, there are other reasons to call a heating and cooling service.

Maintenance Services

The best way to avoid unexpected repairs is to maintain the system. While there are some maintenance services homeowners can do themselves such as filter changes, hosing off the outdoor unit, and keeping the area around it clean, other services should be handled by professional HVAC technicians.

Local heating and cooling companies offer maintenance packages to make it easy to stay on top of HVAC maintenance. Call them today to learn more!

New HVAC Installation

HVAC systems don’t last forever. Eventually, they wear down, stop working efficiently, and need to be replaced. HVAC companies not only install heating and cooling systems, but they sell them too.

Homeowners who need guidance choosing a new system rely on local HVAC companies to help them find the right-sized unit. These companies are also authorized dealers of top brands such as Trane.

Geothermal System Installation

Homeowners seeking more environmentally friendly heating and cooling options turn to geothermal systems. Local HVAC companies assist homeowners and commercial property owners with the installation of these high-tech systems. They’re available to answer questions and help property owners decide if this is the right investment for them.

Emergency Repairs

When one’s heating or cooling is on the fritz, fast repairs are required. Top Charleston heating and air companies like Smoak’s Comfort Control provide emergency repair services. Learn more at