A working air conditioner is essential to surviving the summer in the Lowcountry. Yet, every summer, there are many households scrambling to find relief because their air conditioners have crumbled under the pressure. The good news is that most air conditioning problems don’t happen overnight. Homeowners can do themselves a favor by staying on top of potential problems and calling for AC repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC, sooner rather than later.

1. Inconsistent Cooling

Do some rooms in the house seem to be cooler than others? Is the air coming out of the vents lukewarm? These are signs that the air conditioner isn’t operating efficiently. If the problem isn’t identified right away, the unit will continue to endure unnecessary wear and tear that leads to eventual breakdowns.

2. The Unit Turns On and Off – A Lot

During the height of summer, AC units run more often than usual. However, the unit shouldn’t kick on and kick off in a matter of seconds. Average cooling cycles are 2-3 an hour, maybe slightly more when during the hotter months. If the unit is turning on and off a lot, this is called short-cycling and it should be corrected ASAP to prevent the unit from ceasing operations entirely.

3. Excessive Dust in the Home

This is a surprising sign of AC problems, but common. Excessive dust means the AC unit isn’t doing its job filtering the air. Call AC repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC, to improve indoor air quality and get the unit working more efficiently. Contact Smoak’s Comfort Control online at https://www.smoakscomfort.com for more information.