Messing with your home’s plumbing system without having the right tools or knowledge can cause more damage. Some home improvements are suitable for handy do-it-yourselfers, but most plumbing jobs don’t fall into that category. Continue reading to learn why your best bet is hiring professional plumbing services in Charleston, SC.

Correct Diagnosis

Although the problem might seem obvious, that’s not always the case. For example, sometimes, a stopped-up drain isn’t happening because of a clog. Instead, the problem might be a collapsed sewer pipe or a leaky pipe. Snaking the drain or using liquid drain cleaners won’t solve the problem. Hiring a licensed plumber ensures the correct problem is taken care of appropriately.

Protected Installations

Many people assume it’s easier than it is to install new plumbing fixtures or appliances. However, when these systems are not properly installed, they won’t work well and could develop problems. Also, consider the warranties that come with new appliances or fixtures.

Manufacturer warranties offer protection against defects that are not a result of lack of maintenance or usage mistakes. While this protection is excellent, one must read the fine print. Most warranties specify that the covered item must be installed and maintained professionally. Do-it-yourself installations and repairs can void warranties.

Professional installation meets the manufacturer’s requirements and offers labor protection. If something goes wrong during the installation process, the labor’s covered.

Hiring professional plumbing services in Charleston, SC saves more money and causes less frustration. To hire a local plumber, contact Smoak’s Comfort Control online at