From time to time, plumbing issues that require a trained professional’s expertise can occur. Knowing when to call a trained professional is key to preventing costly repairs and ensuring your home or business’s plumbing system remains in working order. To help you determine if it’s time to call a plumber, here are some common signs that signify it’s time to reach out to a plumber in Mt Pleasant, SC.

Discolored Water

If the water from the faucets has an odd color or discoloration, it could indicate a plumbing issue. Discolored water can often suggest a buildup of sediment in the pipes or a problem with rust, which, if left unchecked, could cause your plumbing system to malfunction. If you notice discoloration in your water supply, contact a plumber immediately to investigate and determine a solution.

Frequent Clogs

Clogs are common in plumbing systems and can generally be resolved with an at-home solution. However, frequent clogging could signify a more severe issue that requires professional attention. If you’ve tried to unclog your drain without success or the clogging occurs regularly, it’s prudent to contact a plumber for assistance.

Low Water Pressure

Blockages can cause low water pressure in the pipes or a problem with the main line. If you notice that the water pressure has suddenly decreased or is lower than usual, this could indicate a plumbing issue. In any case, contact a professional plumber to inspect and identify the issue’s source.

These are only a few signs that it’s time to contact a plumber in Mt Pleasant. If you’re concerned about your plumbing system, contact Smoak’s Comfort Control at to schedule an appointment.