Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance in Charleston, SC

Despite their higher upfront costs, heat pumps provide many years of affordable service. The heating and cooling systems manage the interior temperature of a home by drawing hot air from the soil or forcing warm air out of it. Compared with central air conditioning systems, these installations offer more efficient heating and cooling services. Heat pumps, however, require regular maintenance by an HVAC professional to maintain optimal performance.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

A heat pump provides both cooling and heating. We recommend maintaining this type of HVAC system semi-annually. The HVAC professional opens the unit cleans the major components and removes blockages and obstructions. Besides improving airflow through the system and the property, semi-annual cleaning eliminates poor air quality. Cleaning services remove dust, allergens, and contaminants that create an unhealthy environment for the family. Contact our team of HVAC professionals to learn more about Heat Pump Maintenance.

Inspecting the Heat Pump

A heat pump inspection aims to help technicians identify problem areas that may negatively impact the heat pump. As part of the HVAC inspection, HVAC professionals examine, verify, calibrate, clean, and lubricate components of your Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation (HVAC) equipment. Each component must perform as expected, as a failing component may cause surrounding parts to work harder and become damaged. When something does not function properly, the technicians recommend that homeowners have it replaced.

Testing the System’s Airflow

Controlling the temperature of a home requires proper airflow and circulation. Clogged air filters and ductwork prevent air circulation. A specific air filter is necessary to prevent dust, allergens, and debris from becoming trapped in the unit. Homeowners must use the correct air filter as directed by the manufacturer. Insufficient airflow prevents the heat pump from maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home.

A major aspect of Heat Pump Maintenance is the management of airflow problems. Ductwork blockages are a common problem. Whenever there is a leak, technicians must seal the ductwork. There is the possibility of animals getting underneath the house, damaging the ductwork, and preventing adequate circulation. HVAC professionals explain airflow and circulation issues to the customer.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

Air conditioning units require refrigerants to produce cool air in the summer. It is important to note that a heat pump operates differently from an average air conditioner. The HVAC units pull heat out of the interior to keep living spaces cooler. This unit uses refrigerant, which flows through a compression valve, releasing it into the coils.

Refrigerant leak testing is essential to Heat Pump Maintenance. The technicians measure refrigerant levels during maintenance tasks. The workers recharge the heat pump if the levels are too low. Their job is to check for refrigerant leaks and perform repairs as necessary. Leaking refrigerant isn’t just inconvenient, but the gas is dangerous to the environment.

Trimming Shrubs Around the System

If the grass and shrubbery are too close to the heat pump, mowing and pruning are essential. To prevent blockages in the heat pump, property owners must maintain their lawns and prune shrubs and plants as much as possible. Keeping a comfortable temperature requires heat pumps to pull in and release air outside the home. Tall grass and overgrown plants cause heating and cooling problems.

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