Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair Services in Charleston, SC

Countless homeowners rely on a heat pump to heat and cool their homes. When something goes wrong with their unit, they want it fixed immediately. Any delay means they won’t be comfortable in their houses, and nobody likes that.

When the heat pump is malfunctioning, don’t try to fix it on your own. Call a professional from Smoak’s Comfort Control for heat pump repair. They have undergone training in diagnosing and resolving issues with these systems and will get you back to comfort quickly.

How Do You Know When Your Heat Pump Needs Servicing?

No Power to Heat Pump

Numerous things may lead to a heat pump that won’t power on. A thermostat issue could lead to the heat pump not operating, but this is only one potential cause. At times, the starter capacitor is the culprit, while a tripped breaker could lead to no power going to the unit.

The homeowner must determine why the breaker tripped, as it could indicate an electrical issue within the unit. A broken reversing valve might also be the problem, which is why a trained HVAC professional is needed to diagnose the problem and complete the heat pump repair.

The Home Won’t Heat

The unit must draw air from outside to heat the home. The home won’t reach the desired temperature when it cannot do so. However, the problem may be nothing more than a dirty air filter. The proper amount of refrigerant is needed to ensure the unit operates properly, and an EPA-certified HVAC technician must recharge the system. An HVAC technician will check these two things and the refrigerant level to see if it is low.

A Heat Pump Repair is Needed Because the Unit Runs Continuously

A heat pump may run continuously for several reasons. The thermostat may be set to cool during the winter months, or the unit might be dirty and need maintenance. A frozen outdoor coil or a problem within the compressor could also lead to this issue. Other causes of a continuously running unit include a refrigerant leak or the unit being set to heat during the summer months.

The Home Doesn’t Reach the Desired Temperature

The thermostat could be faulty when the home doesn’t cool to the desired temperature. The homeowner sets it at the desired temperature, but the thermostat doesn’t send the proper signal to the heat pump.

Dirty components within the unit can interfere with proper airflow and prevent the home from reaching the selected temperature. However, it could be a faulty reversing valve or low refrigerant that could be the problem. The HVAC technician will examine the system to determine where the issue lies and make the necessary heat pump repair.

The Outdoor Unit is Frozen, and a Heat Pump Repair is Needed

If the defrost cycle doesn’t operate properly during the winter months, the heat pump may freeze up. However, this problem could occur as the result of low refrigerant levels, the outdoor fan malfunctioning, or water dripping onto the unit and freezing. When the heat pump freezes, the home won’t get warm, and the heat pump may suffer damage if the homeowner runs it.

During the summer months, the inner coil or copper line that leads to the compressor in the heat pump may freeze. A clogged air filter brings about this problem, or it could be because of dirty coils in the unit. Low refrigerant could also lead to the unit freezing up during the summer.

Weird or Burning Smell from the Heat Pump

When homeowners turn their heat pump up, they don’t want any unpleasant smells to come through the vents. However, this does happen at times. If the system hasn’t been used in a while, it may be nothing more than dust buildup. Certain smells, nevertheless, require immediate attention.

Any smell of mildew from the vents means a buildup of bacteria or mold in the ductwork. Call an HVAC technician to inspect the ductwork, so the bacteria or mold doesn’t make its way through the home.

If the unit emits a sulfur smell, an animal may have taken up residence in the system and has passed away. Call to have it removed immediately. Any burning smell is cause for concern. Turn the unit off immediately and call an HVAC professional for heat pump repair to prevent further damage or a fire.

These are only a few of the many things that can go wrong with the heat pump in a home. The average homeowner doesn’t know where to begin looking for the source of the problem, but a trained technician can pinpoint the issue based on the symptoms being experienced and an examination of the unit. Don’t suffer from a home that won’t heat or cool properly. Make this call today to Smoak’s Comfort Control and enjoy your house again.