Hectic schedules are often the culprit for maintenance neglect, but a simple maintenance contract can be the helpful reminder and financial incentive you need to make cleaning the furnace a priority. Once a year, experts recommend having a maintenance inspection that includes basic cleaning and system updates.

Here are a few of the reasons maintenance agreements are such an important investment:

  • Lack of maintenance is responsible for over half of cold weather emergency calls. You could save major moolah just by remembering to schedule the annual inspection included in your maintenance agreement. Many emergency repairs and inspections are expensive, not to mention inconvenient. Because of high demand in winter months, scheduling a visit might not happen right away.
  • Regular maintenance minimizes health and safety risks. Having your furnace cleaned on a regular basis will increase the chance of a technician spotting hazardous developments. Gas furnaces are particularly susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks, which can be hard to detect otherwise due to the colorless and odorless nature of the chemical.
  • Improving efficiency with maintenance saves money on energy bills. Whether your furnace is gas or electric powered, it can always benefit from a little TLC. Getting updates from an expert technician will ensure the system continues to operate like brand new for many years to come, not falling victim to neglect.

Tips for Homeowners Between Maintenance Visits.

  • Keeping up with small service updates, such as cleaning and changing the air filter, can have a significant impact on improving operational efficiency and air quality.