While many business owners are anxious to minimize expenses, prioritizing commercial services is an investment that saves money. If you notice inconsistent airflow in your office or warehouse, you might be tempted to ignore it – but this is a symptom of heating and cooling inefficiency that might become a widespread problem if you don’t invest in preventative maintenance.

​Here’s a better breakdown of why:

Duct Leaks

When a large commercial system isn’t delivering conditioned air evenly throughout the building, it could be an indication that the ductwork needs repairs. Ducts that aren’t exactly lined up can leak air into the ceiling, which spells bad news. For one, your system will have to work twice as hard to heat or cool the same amount of space, which is energy inefficient and costly. Secondly, ineffective heating and cooling are uncomfortable and inconvenient for employees.

Dirty Air Filters

If you haven’t cleaned or replaced your air filters in a while (some businesses might have never done this simple maintenance step!), then you can bet the air flow is going to be affected. Filters are designed to catch small air particles, like dust and airborne dirt, and prevent these hazardous materials from circulating into the breathable air. Especially in commercial spaces, there’s a good chance the air filter is overworked and undervalued. Once it gets clogged with enough material, air won’t be able to pass through the netting efficiently. The unfortunate results include reduced airflow and poor indoor air quality.

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