For many homeowners, it is a constant struggle to maintain a consistent, comfortable level of heating and air conditioning throughout their homes. Most homes have only one thermostat to control the entire house, which makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature, especially with multiple levels and rooms with excessive sun exposure and vaulted ceilings. Home zoning is a simple way to eliminate these issues and make your home more comfortable, while helping you save on energy costs.

What is Home Zoning?

Home zoning consists of dampers being installed within the existing ducts of your house. The dampers help you achieve the desired temperature for each designated room or zone by directing heated or cooled air only to the area it is needed. Dampers not only keep each and every area of home comfortable, but they also allow you to use less energy.

Each zone has its own thermostat that you set to the temperature you want for that specific zone. The thermostats are electronically connected, allowing you to control the different zones from one central control panel.

Benefits of Home Zoning

There are a variety of benefits you can expect with home zoning for your heating and air conditioning, including:

  • Energy savings: you can hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year with a well-designed zoning system.
  • Extended life of HVAC system: there is less strain on the HVAC system, which helps to extend the lifespan of you HVAC system.
  • Optimal performance: zoning reduces stress on your HVAC system, which eliminates the need to operate at peak capacity.
  • Comfort: each designated area is comfortable, without compromising the comfort in other areas in your home.
  • Controlled system: your HVAC system will spend less time running at the highest speed, and it will make less noise.

If you are one of the many Charleston area homeowners who have given up trying to maintain a comfortable temperature in every room of your home, don’t give up just yet. A zoning system for your heating and air conditioning system can solve your problem.

To learn more about zoning and the benefits of a zoning system for the heating and air conditioning in your home, contact our friendly team of professionals at Smoak’s Comfort Control.