If you’re like most homeowners, you didn’t buy a home in hopes of becoming an HVAC specialist, electrician, or water heater repairman. You want to live in your home, not be the specialist in charge of fixing everything. However, there are a few things you can learn to help yourself stay ahead of major repairs by responsibly maintaining your water heater.

Give it Some Space

This is the easiest home-maintenance tip you’ll ever read. Gas-fired water heaters require a strong supply of oxygen to burn the gas. If you store too much stuff too close to your water heater, it can impact the efficiency and even damage the burner chamber if loose junk finds its way in.

Set the Temp to 120 Degrees

For every 10 degrees you lower the temperature of your water heater you’ll save as much as 50% on your energy bill, and help increase the life of your unit by forcing it to work more than necessary to provide hot water.

Use the “Vacation” Setting

If you’re going to be leaving town for a vacation longer than a 3-day weekend, adjust the thermostat on your gas water heater to “vacation,” or other idle setting. This maintains the pilot light on your unit, but prevents it from heating water.

Insulate an Older Unit

Those with an older water heater in the home might want to consider a fiberglass jacket to improve efficiency. Be careful to avoid contact with the flue, and give consideration to insulating the hot and cold water pipes as well.

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