One of the most commonly mentioned heating and air conditioning maintenance tasks is changing your air filters. It’s also one of the easier things you can do to maintain your HVAC system properly. But why is changing the air filter necessary? Here are three reasons why:

Reason #1: Maintain Clean Indoor Air

The air filter’s primary purpose is to remove particles from your indoor air. This happens easily when the filter is clean. Once it traps enough particles, the filter will no longer be effective at cleaning the air. Even worse, it will be detrimental to your HVAC system by preventing efficient airflow, which will reduce HVAC energy efficiency.

Reason #2: Ensure Maximum HVAC Energy Efficiency

A dirty air filter will prevent maximum energy efficiency by blocking airflow. But how does this happen? The filter did its job and caught the tiny airborne particles, but now those particles are clogging the filter, preventing clean air from passing through. It obviously becomes very difficult for your HVAC’s air handler to move air through the filter, resulting in higher energy usage.

Reason #3: Extend the Life of your Heating and Air Conditioning System

When an HVAC system has to work harder as a result of a dirty air filter, increased energy usage isn’t the only negative consequence. It puts increased strain, wear and tear on the components. Having to run the HVAC unit harder and longer than normal to compensate for a dirty air filter will ultimately result in a shorter lifespan of your HVAC system.

Heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance, including cleaning or changing your HVAC’s air filter. If you would like assistance with this task or have additional questions, contact the HVAC professionals at Smoak’s Comfort Control today.