If you’re smart enough to have enrolled in one of the many maintenance agreements available, you may sometimes wonder exactly what happens during these maintenance visits. You may have questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Below is a list of a few questions to ask your technician during his next HVAC maintenance visit:

Is There Anything I Can Do to Improve Energy Efficiency?

It’s always nice to have a lower energy bill. One way to do this is to use less electricity to heat and cool your home or office. Besides using your heater or air conditioner less often, you’ll probably wonder what else you can do to use less energy. Your technician will be able to provide tailored advice since he will be very familiar with your specific HVAC setup and condition.

For example, if the motor of your air handler is getting old and worn, it may require a replacement. This is not just to ensure your HVAC system continues working. It also helps it run as efficiently as possible. Only after inspecting your HVAC system could your technician become aware of the worn air handler motor.

What’s Causing that Strange Sound or Smell?

Hopefully you won’t need to ask this question, but it’s quite common for business and home owners to notice small issues with their HVAC system. Since everything seems to be working okay, they don’t call an HVAC professional to figure out what’s causing the odd smell or sound. However, a maintenance visit is a perfect time to express a concern, without incurring the cost of an extra visit.

Should I Get a New HVAC Unit?

Depending on how your current HVAC is performing, as well as how old it is, you may be thinking about getting a new system. But this is a significant purchase, so you’d like to make sure it’s a worthy investment. One way to make this decision is to find out what performance and efficiency boost you can expect by replacing your HVAC system.

A technician inspecting your HVAC unit probably won’t be able to provide concrete numbers as to what type of energy savings you can expect when getting a new heating and cooling system. However, he or she can give you a rough idea of what improvements you can expect after installing a new HVAC.

If you have any questions or concerns that can’t wait until a regularly scheduled visit through one of your maintenance agreement appointments, contact our friendly team at Smoak’s Comfort Control.