Some of the commercial services offered for HVAC systems in offices help improve indoor air quality. But short of unpleasant odors, how can you tell if your office’s indoor air should be cleaner? Here are four signs your indoor air quality may be lacking:

1. Employees Have Unusual or New Respiratory Problems

This can be a very scary thought – that your indoor air is causing employees to suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies or asthma. But the cause can be anything, such as chemicals, pollen, pet dander, or mold spores. If you notice unusual or increased health issues among your employees, you should have your indoor air quality tested as soon as possible.

2. The Area Around Your Office Contains Contaminants

If the outside air surrounding your office isn’t clean, it’s inevitable that some of that bad air will make it inside. Maybe there’s been an industrial accident, a painting job, pesticide use or heavy construction going on – any of these can lead to the release of chemicals and particles into the air. Those can end up circulated through your office’s HVAC system.

3. Poor Air Circulation

Even with the best air filter and no unusual contaminants, indoor air can become stale and unpleasant if not well-circulated. A properly working HVAC system should do this without issue. But if something is wrong, such as clogged or blocked vents, the indoor air won’t circulate the way it should.

4. You Have High Indoor Air Humidity

An air conditioner is generally able to keep indoor humidity at a comfortable level. If it can’t, it’s sometimes a sign that something is wrong with your HVAC system. High humidity levels are not only uncomfortable, but they can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which makes for very poor indoor air quality.

If you think your business’s indoor air quality is lacking, it may be time to obtain professional commercial services. Contact our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control.