Commercial services work hard to keep offices and other work areas warm and filled with allergen-free air. However, many offices end up suffering from persistent cold in spite of the best efforts of you and your building managers. What is causing these problems and how can you solve them?

Poor Insulation Around Windows

The average office has a lot of windows that lead to the outside. While these windows are great for viewing nature, they are often poorly insulated. This problem can lead to an office that feels drafty and cold even during the heat of the summer.

Air Conditioning Abuse

If you find yourself shivering in 100-degree weather, there’s a good chance somebody is abusing your air conditioning system. They are a little overzealous in trying to keep everyone cool! Besides checking the thermostat, check the location of various vents to ensure they aren’t hitting you too heavily. Adjust them as necessary.

Door Location

Sitting too near outside doors may give you a burst of chilly air from time to time. Try to find a way to relocate to a warmer area. This may help you feel more comfortable in the office and avoid health problems associated with the excessive cold.

High Ceilings

Offices with high ceilings and tall roofs are likely to be cold. That’s because the heat dissipates in these areas, rising to the ceiling, rather than settling near you on the ground. A personal heater may help keep you warm at your desk but will only increase the heating and cooling bills of your office.

Need Help?

Don’t let a cold office make your workday miserable. Instead, connect with our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control to learn more about how we can provide you with the warm work environment you deserve. Our commercial HVAC services work well for multiple types of work buildings, and we can tweak them to meet the unique needs of a broad variety of businesses. Contact us now to learn more.