Most business owners are aware that commercial services can help with the installation and maintenance of an HVAC system. These services can also help with other aspects of maintaining a pleasant office atmosphere. But before you set up a commercial services appointment to improve your indoor air quality, check out these three tips.

Tip #1: Set Up Indoor Plants

Many office workers like having a few indoor plants around their work area as it helps personalize where they work and boost morale. But these indoor plants are great ways to boost the indoor air quality, too. In addition to converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, many indoor plants, like the spider plant, will remove chemicals from the air. Most people won’t be able to smell the difference, but their body and lungs will certainly notice.

Tip #2: Use Standalone Air Purifiers

Many companies sell air purifiers that can sit anywhere in the office where there is access to a power outlet. With special filtration systems, these air purifiers remove a variety of nasty airborne chemicals and contaminants from the air. Those interested in purchasing an air filter will need to do their research as there are so many different types out there. One thing to avoid is an air purifier that utilizes ozone, as that can potentially be harmful to the health of anyone inside.

Tip #3: Replace the HVAC Air Filter

This is a common suggestion for improving indoor air quality and for good reason: it’s so easy to do. With some commercial systems, it might be best for an HVAC technician to help with the replacement process, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for someone in the office to do it themselves. Ask your technician for information on whether you can do it yourself, and if so, what the procedure is.

If you want to learn more about how commercial services can help with a commercial HVAC system, including improving indoor air quality, please contact our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control.