If you want to avoid plumbing work in your bathroom, then your best bet is to take steps to avoid pipe problems. Below are three things you can do to avoid a problem with your bathroom pipes, which can extend the life of your piping

#1: Avoid Creating Clogs

Prevention is the best medicine, especially with clogs. Too much toilet paper, hair, paper towels and soap scum build-up are common causes of clogs in the bathroom. And when there’s a clog, that means a snake, chemicals or a plunger is necessary to clear it. But these methods aren’t good for pipes and will certainly not extend their life. In some situations, the solutions could damage the piping.

#2: Be Careful with Landscaping

When a pipe leaves the house, it is at risk for damage. One of the biggest causes of pipe damage outside the home is the root of a tree. Trees are big and heavy and therefore need a strong root system in place to stay upright and secure. Those roots also actively seek moisture, which means they are usually attracted to – you guessed it! – underground pipes. It’s no wonder that tree roots can bend or break plastic PVC or even metal pipes!

So before planting a new tree in your front or backyard, think about its root system and how it might interfere with existing piping coming from your bathroom.

#3: Get Preventative Maintenance

Ask a plumber to come out and take a look at the pipes and fixtures in your bathroom. The plumber may be able to identify potential future problems with leaks or deteriorating components, such as a toilet or sink. Identifying these problem spots early can avoid big and expensive jobs later on. For example, a wobbly toilet can get worse over time and lead to a damaged toilet or water damage in the future.

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