Work with an expert in commercial services to make sure your air conditioner can cope with the summer heat.

If you’re worried about your business staying cool this summer, it’s time to call an expert in commercial services. Plenty of HVAC technicians keep homes at the right temperature throughout the year. However, business properties have special needs, and it takes specialized skills to manage them. Only a pro who is familiar with commercial HVAC operation will be able to tell if your business has the vents needed to stay cool as summer temps soar.

How many vents does a business need?

Most commercial HVAC systems have two types of vents. Supply vents push air out and return vents pull air in. When these aren’t balanced, pressure builds inside the system and inhibit its operation. It leads to early wear and tear. This shortens the life of your heating and cooling equipment, drives costs up and makes everyone less comfortable. The number and location of the vents your business needs depend on how you use your building.

How does HVAC zoning impact system design?

The easiest way to keep your employees and customers comfortable is by splitting up your commercial building into heating and cooling zones. You wouldn’t use one light switch to control all the lights in your business. It makes just as much sense to use one thermostat. By separating your building into zones, you will keep people cool all summer while using less energy by supplying cold air only when and where it’s needed.

Contact our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control today to schedule an HVAC consultation with an expert in commercial services. We’ll make sure your business has everything it needs to keep your employees and customers satisfied throughout South Carolina’s muggy summers.