When dealing with historically important buildings, working with an HVAC provider experienced in commercial services is a must.

Smoak’s Comfort Control has been servicing the Charleston area since the early 70s, including providing commercial services to businesses with heating and cooling needs. We’re one of the best resources in the area to hire when it comes to installing AC in historic structures. If you’re worried about regulations or whether a roof installation is appropriate for an older building, rest assured. One of our knowledgeable representatives will walk you through the entire process.

Here are two primary considerations:

1. Registry Status

Rules outlining appropriate renovation methods protect historical buildings on the National Historic Registry. HVAC units for an older building can sit on the roof; however, according to Preservation Brief 24, no portion of the system may be visible from the street. In addition, guidelines warn against cutting exterior walls for new installations and advise to protect the structure from the strain of vibrations. Whether or not a building is on the registry, paying attention to these concerns will protect your building and improve your employee and customer comfort.

2. Noise Pollution

A roof placement is convenient and saves interior space. However, unlike an air conditioner placed on a slab next to your property, a rooftop unit can be noisy. It’s important to select a model with noise-cancelling features or to install the unit in the appropriate location with the best buffers in place. With a variety of options available – from elevating the unit above the roof deck on a secondary structure to employing vibration pads or bars to absorb the noise – a thoughtful install will prevent noise from detracting from the work environment.

Hiring a professional HVAC technician with experience in commercial services helps you avoid expensive pitfalls down the road. Get the job done right the first time around. Contact our friendly experts at Smoak Comfort Control for a quote.