Which commercial services help keep your air clean and healthy? 

Clear the air around the workplace, and keep it clean with professional HVAC commercial services. It’s important for the health and comfort of everyone entering your place of business. Let clean, fresh air reinforce your reputation as a stellar source of products or services, as well as a great place to work!

Here are a few tips for keeping your indoor air quality healthy on the job:

1) Invest in proper ventilation.

In some industries, state or trade licensing boards regulate air quality. Inspectors visit periodically to ensure you’re meeting those standards, and infractions can cost you the ability to earn money at all. In others, ventilation is helpful in keeping employees and customers happier, healthier, and more productive. Invite a commercial HVAC expert to assess your business for air quality concerns.

2) Store chemicals safely.

One of the worst contaminants of indoor air is something found in just about every residential and commercial property in America. The fumes from basic cleaning supplies can leach into the air and can lead to allergies and worse. Locking away cleaning supplies in an airtight container helps prevent the spread of toxic fumes.

​3) Consider an air cleaning device.

Plenty of fake air cleaning products have flooded the market, but they aren’t all a joke. If you’re worried about clean, fresh air in your business, talk to us about the best devices available for the money. The right equipment can help improve comfort and productivity for you and your staff.

Schedule an appointment for HVAC commercial services from our team of experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control to keep your business’s indoor air clear of allergens and contaminants.