Is your HVAC equipment overloading your fuses?

Does your home blow a fuse whenever you run the heating and air conditioning? As stressful as this might seem, don’t despair. The solution is usually simple and more affordable than you fear.

1. Loose Connection

Like every other building material in your home, the electrical components running from the HVAC to the breaker box expand and contract as temperatures change. As they shrink and swell, connections get loose. When electricity flows through loose connections, they heat up enough for breakers to trip and fuses to pop.

​Call an HVAC company such as Smoak’s Comfort Control or an electrician to diagnose and resolve the issue. Do not try to tighten the components yourself without shutting off the main power breaker to the house and grounding the wires.

2. Blocked Airflow

HVAC equipment depends on airflow to work correctly. Restricted airflow leads to all kinds of problems. Without it, your pilot light might struggle to stay lit, and the air coming out of the vent might be cold. Low airflow can cause your system to overwork and pull in too much electricity for the components to handle. Doing so can trip your circuit breaker.

Dirty filters, clogged ducts, and closed vents can all restrict airflow. Clear them to keep your system from overheating and your fuses from blowing.

3. Short Circuit

When electrical components become worn or frayed, they can interact with one another, causing a short circuit and blowing a fuse. Call a trusted HVAC technician to fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the future through preventive maintenance visits.

One thing to note is that it’s not a good idea to reset your system and ignore it when it trips a breaker. Continuing use could lead to a fire in each of the above situations.

Instead of risking it, please schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician to repair your home’s heating and air conditioning by calling or completing our easy online service request form. For over five decades, Smoak’s Comfort Control has served Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.